Chris Moorman And His Moves

Poker is all about luck and fortune, though the experts will disagree and state that permutation and combination can help explain the statistics that go against or in favor of a player as per the cards that he or she has in hand at a certain point in time.

There are sublime indications of superstition, about fortune and good luck in many signs and numbers associated with poker. 888 is a number that you will find with poker games, in forums and in other instances. This is a sign of good fortune and wealth as it is said that, 8 is a number that signifies good fortune and if it is repeated more times, that is an indicator of how lucky one would get who sees or is associated with such numbers.

Numerology aside, 888 is a successful poker venture and the current ambassador, Chris Moorman has been taking the organization places.

He has a large presence on Instagram and through Seminole Hard Rock affairs; he is often on the center page of PokerNews. Besides his current ambassador position, he has been a successful player in poker for several years now. Moorman is a man who has several feathers to his cap. He is not only a successful player but has poker books to his credit as well. His second book would be coming out in July next year. The 888 Mega Deep events that are coming up see him busy these days promoting the event. As the PokerNews Instagram takeover has become finalized, he would be promoting the event of Rock ‘n Roll poker open in Florida from Seminole Hard Rock. For those who are interested to see how the events pan out, they can follow Moorman on Instagram. It will give them an insider view of how he prepares for action as he celebrates his win.