Kee Won HK$1M Triton Hold’em Event For $2,866,838

For poker world, Kenneth Kee might not a tournament player, yet the strategy he used in the Triton Hold’em events in Jeju tournament was astonishingly precise. By far, Kee has been the most impressive player in the fresh emerging game of the short deck poker, and game results reflect it. Kee dominated the event HK$1 million, and topped the field of 60 entries for a huge payday of HK$22, 500,000, value over $2.86 million.

The things that made the run of Kee through the tournament special were his capability to move his stack without suffering big chip swings. The game brought the high variation because of this and with the high variance the some may perceive that the straightforward approach of the player should be playing. However, Kee offered another way to see the dynamics.
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