Texas Poker Store starts new competition

Situated in College Station – Bryan, Texas, the Texas Poker Store is a completely supplied online poker store that offers 100 percent secured shopping and emphasizes several poker supplies. The Texas Poker Store was established by Poker Lovers and Die Hard Competitors, Jim Paris and Lynn Paris.

The Texas Poker Store, better known as TPS publishes their fresh out of the box new Poker Photo Contest on Facebook to begin on June 1 according to demands from a significant number of their fans and clients. TPS will start the anticipated Poker Photo Contest on June 1. The challenge will permit any Facebook part to transfer what they think about their best poker photograph, vote and welcome their companions to join in on the fun.

One of the best characteristics of this challenge is that challengers and fans can backpedal like clockwork to vote on their most beloved pictures. That implies that hopefuls can impart their photographs as frequently as they need, which will unquestionably build their possibilities of winning some poker supplies.

The most captivating, most interesting, most unique shots will be distributed on all the TPS social channels, incorporating Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, Stumbleupon and Pinterest. TPS will surrender it over to their social media supporters to choose who may as well make the “last table” and, eventually, who ought to be announced the month to month victor.

In December, TPS will select from the three past victors what they think about to be irrefutably the best photo and recompense the fabulous prize of a $100 TPS gift card. The blessing card may be recovered for anything of equivalent worth or less from the Texas Poker Store or it could be utilized as fractional instalment for anything from their existing stock that the champ picks. All prizes will be recompensed on the first week of every month for the previous month.